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gathered in london's square for the premier of breaking dawn part 2. the three a man stars were there signing autographs and posing for picture. kristen stewart said even though the movie franchise is ending she will never say good- bye to the twilight community. >> i don't really like to look at it like we're walking away or having to say good-bye like forever. any time you happen to meet somebody who also is into twilight like it's not, you know, it will always have that in common with those people that you meet and that's like really rare to have on such an enormous scale. >> twilight saga breaking dawn part 2 hits theaters tomorrow. thanks so much for joining us tonight at 10:00. here's brian now with the news edge at 11:00. we begin tonight with a warning for people who crave an extra energy boost. the federal government is investigating the potential dangers of 5-hour energy and another popular drink. they're a hit among high school and college students who think they need a boost to stay
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awake. fox 5's bob barnard has more. >> the fda says no link has been proven, but if government investigators determine caffeinated drinks like 5-hour energy have contributed to or caused any deaths reported to the fda, it may order those popular energy shots off the market. the fda investigation comes three weeks after we told you about the death of 14-year-old anias fournier of hagerstown. she died due to caffiene toxicity according to the autopsy. her family said she drank two 24-ounce monster energy drinks 24 hours before she died and had a genetic disorder that can weaken blood vessels. her mother, wendy crossland. >> it's just something that you never want to go through. >> the fda says it's now investigating reports of five deaths possibly linked to monster energy drink, another 13 to a product called 5-hour energy. >> i'd say like most of my
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friends here take them like often. they really do help us stay awake studying, you know, like if i have a paper the night before, i'll definitely drink some. >> we spoke to students at gw where the starbucks was jam packed. this is a coffee generation that also loves its caffeinated energy drinks. >> i don't know. i'm really used to caffiene like diet coke and coffee. i feel like i need the extra jolt. coffee won't keep me awake. i need the 5-hour energy or like the monster to stay awake. >> the energy shots come in small plastic bottles and can be found at your neighborhood pharmacy. the fda says it's investigating 92 patient reports including 33 hospitalizations related to - hour energy adding if we find a relationship between consumption of the product and harm, fda will take appropriate action to reduce or eliminate the risk. >> even though it says that drinking one bottle per day is okay, it was clearly not for
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me. >> rial alerian says he just got out of the hospital after an adverse reaction to 5-hour energy. >> i suffered headaches and heart palpitations and i felt awful, sweating. i'm very fatigued right now actually. >> the fda warning makes clear these energy drinks are not a substitute for sleep and that anybody considering taking one of these products first consult a physician. you might have an underlying health concern like riad does. >> different people react to things differently. allergens don't affect all people the same way and energy drinks, similarly don't react to people's bodies equally. >> if this alert by the fda sounds familiar it's because two years ago after investigating reports of deaths related to drinks made with alcohol and caffiene the government forced the makers of 4 four loko and a handful of others to take them off store shelves.
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dozens of wounded veterans were involved in a horrific accident during a parade. four are dead, more than a dozen others hurt, will thomas here with the latest. >> this is bad as it gets. the hunt for heroes parade was meant to be a celebration to honor wounded vets. people from all over the small texas town of midland came out to salute their heroes, but instead of a celebration they witnessed a horrifying scene. a freight train slammed into a flat bed truck carrying the vets with their wives and girl friends. at least four people were killed. 16 oth to hospitals, 10 in critical. this is a photo taken just before the accident. the train sounded its horn before the accident and witnesses say the crossing gate and lights were working. witnesses also say the trailer started across the tracks. as the train approached, people started jumping off that flatbed to safety. the dispatcher who took t initial call was so overcome with emotion she could hardly
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speak. you could hardly hear what she was saying. the investigation continues. late tonight a jury found 20-year-old alexis simpson not guilty of all seven counts she faced. fox 5's maureen umeh has the story. >> by most accounts alexis simpson's own testimony helped turn things in her favor. the jury apparently thought she was sympathetic and believed her when she said she acted in self-defense. now simpson's friends and family rejoiced as they left the courthouse this evening. simpson's lawyers say they weren't surprised and argued simpson cut her roommate 18- year-old domonique frazier's throat in self-defense. it was a claim supported by evidence provided in the case including one that showed simpson requested a room change to avoid further conflict with frazier. the roommates did not get along and it all exploded the night of september 15th, 2011, when simpson turned off music
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frazier was listening to. it ended with frazier's throat being cut. prosecutors say they are disappointed by the verdict. >> i'm stunned to be honest with you, absolutely stunned and we are disappointed, but we do respect this jury's verdict. this is the system we have. we believe in it. we respect it, but it doesn't change the sadness that we feel in having two beautiful young women involved in a situation like this. >> her emotion was very genuine and she is tremendously remorseful for this incident. it has affected her emotionally and in ways that you can only imagine. >> the simpson's attorney says the 20-year-old plans to resume studies at a different school next year. frazier's family did not want to comment after the verdict. a fox 5 exclusive, a man convicted of murder cleared by dna. now he has to fight to restore his innocence. santae tribble was convicted of
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murdering a cab drive more than 30 years ago. his conviction -- driver more than 30 years ago. his conviction has been overturned, but he yearns for real innocence, a certificate signed by a judge that would allow him to sue for restitution and now two jurors in the case are on his side. fox 5's paul wagner has more. >> when santae tribble went on trial over 30 years ago, susan dankoff was a jury member. she and 11 others found enough compelling evidence to convict tribble in the murder of john mccormack. >> i certainly remembered feeling that the evidence was so strong if it was scientific evidence as it was presented that it was enough for us to question his alibi. >> in fact, an fbi agent told the court there was a one in 10 million chance the hair did not belong to santae tribble. susan dankoff said she remembers careful deliberations in the jury room, but is conflicted by her role all these years later. >> intellectually i don't feel
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responsible. i think that it was a thoughtful process in the deliberations and that we made as a group, we made what i think ended up as a unanimous decision and if everybody doesn't come along at the same pace -- even if everybody didn't come along at the same pace based on what there was that we were offered. emotionally i feel terrible. >> another juror, anita woodruff, told the court, "i remember the other jurors. when we got in the jury room saying that if they found the stocking cap with his hair then had he to be guilty and that was it. that's -- he had to be guilty and that was it. that's what the jury based everything else. how else could his hair get in there unless he had the stocking cap on?" the u.s. attorney's office is not opposing the certificate which he needs for restitution,
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up to $50,000 for of year he spent locked up. although the judge cordero has so far remained silent on all three motions filed with the court. tribble's attorney sandra levick says tribble needs the document because he is jobless and virtually homeless. paul wagner, fox 5 news. >> two other men donald gates and kirk odom who were convicted and exonerated later have both received their certificate of innocence. the spokesperson for d.c. superior court says judge cordero could not comment on a pending case. thanksgiving still a week away, people talking about holiday shopping. we have tips to make sure you spend wisely. >> and so far, so good in the weather department when it comes to the run-up to thanksgiving. some clouds are around tonight and light sprinkles. i'll let you know if they'll be out of here for friday. come on back. the news edge at 11:00 continues.
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studies show many of you will be spending more this holiday season, but we have some online shopping safety tips. shawn yancy has your fox 5 top five. >> up first tonight, brian, why you might want to pass on some of those traditional holiday cocktails this year. no. 5, you could eliminate an extra 100 calories from your daily diet by laying off alcoholic beverages. dietary guidelines recommend people consume alcohol in moderation, which is one drink
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a day for women and two for men. no. 4, seeing the color green while exercising may make your workout more enjoyable. people responded more positively during and after workouts when they were shown outdoor images with the green filter versus a red or black filter. no. 3, nearly 80% of office workers come to work when they're sick. according to the annual flu season survey from staples, that is a 20% increase over last year. among the workers who stay home, more than 2/3 go back when they're still contagious putting their co-workers' health at risk. no. 2, according to a recent survey 18% of americans plan to spend more on christmas this year than they did last year. 1/3 of their shopping will be done online. when it comes to in store spending target and macies are tied for first. when it comes to -- macy's are tied for first. when it comes to online shopping amazon is still no. 1. no. 1, tips to stay shape shopping this holiday season especially
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-- safe shopping this holiday season especially if you're using a smartphone. that's tonight's fox 5 top five. a heartwarming story of giving in the wake of hurricane sandy. many people are signing up to feed and house victims of the storm and making lifelong friends in the process. we take a look. >> reporter: jeannie kumber is a full-time working mother of two, but this dinner she's serving is not for her family. it's for the martinez es, a family she met a couple -- martinezes she met a couple days ago. she met them through the facebook page adopt a family hurricane sandy. most of the victims are from the jersey shore. >> there's a lot of volunteers. it is helping people like you and i, lydia. we are the types of people
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affected by this. there isn't anyone unscathed. so just the smallest effort has huge returns. >> reporter: jeannie with hundreds of others who like the page have been making meals, donations and friends like maribel. >> i'm still in shock. i know there's a lot of good people out there. i've seen it happen to other people. now that it's happening to us it feels overwhelming and i'm so grateful. >> reporter: maribel and her family lost almost everything they own when sandy flooded their long beach apartment. >> we actually had to get rescued by the national guard and taken to a shelter, so we saw it firsthand everything happening. >> reporter: where the family is staying is actually a bed and breakfast subsidized by fema, but dozens of people on that facebook page have even offered up their homes. one man flew in all the way from san francisco just so he could help. >> here's to new friendship. >> the best. >> reporter: these one time strangers now share peoples and
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intimate stories of loss -- meals and intimate stories of loss, but they tell me what they've gained through this experience will last them forever. >> i have lifelong friends now. i really do. i got a little bit of rain down there at stadium. >> just a little bit, maybe a little sleet, what shows up as yellow. most of us won't see precipitation tonight. it's still a little bit cloudy. the clouds are helping to keep us get too chilly. i don't think tonight will be as cold as last night, although closer to morning the clouds will clear out of town. if there are a few clouds hanging around early in your commute, grab those sunglasses for later morning and early afternoon. we're surrounded by cooler temperatures and the mid-
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atlantic has had a chill going the last week or so. slight warm-up coming, st. louis 66 degrees and down through wichita to kansas temperatures in the upper 50s to 60s. it's definitely gotten a lot cooler across the nation. i think we'll be able to bump up our temperatures to low 50s tomorrow with the full sunshine, maybe mid-50s for some of you. here's the little bit of rain we're talking about. on this rain it appears to be more than is actually falling because this is multiple radars feeding into a composite picture, definitely light showers around and clouds to our south. charles county down to st. mary's county through king george and northern neck getting very light rain, but if you hear a little ticking, that's a bit of sleet that might be possible. might hear that around chesapeake ranch estates just to your south and very light sprinkles out through 66, not quite to winchester front royal but maybe running down some of those counties in the form of just the lightest sprinkles
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tonight. because temperatures aren't that cold, we're not worried about freezing. here's what we have left. this is a very weak disturbance that will continue moving away. we already see clear skies breaking out through southwestern virginia. as this pulls out, it will take the clouds with it and we'll have a nice sunny friday. temperature now in the district is 44 degrees, 36 gaithersburg. where you've got thinner clouds like frederick, 32 degrees, winchester 32 degrees as well, dulles 39 and out toward the martinsburg area your temperatures 34 degrees. we don't feigned it too much older on the other -- find it too much colder on the other side of the mountains. we won't be as chilly as last night but will probably drop to the mid-30s and one or two spots down below freezing probably touching the freezing mark towards winchester and cumberland. here is your forecast for tonight, 37 degrees as the clouds erode slowly overnight. our temperature tomorrow about 53 degrees. so the sun will be back and a
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little warmer and a quick look at your planner 8 a.m. our temperature about 41 degrees. by noon 49 and by 4:00 52. here's your fox 5 accuweather seven-day forecast. how about the weekend? looking good. saturday probably quite a bit of sunshine, maybe an increase of clouds late in the day. the skins play at home this week. they'll have really good weather, any of the 2 degrees, mix of clouds and sun -- 32 degrees, mix of clouds and sun. going flue the day we may pick up a few more clouds. into monday we go mostly dry especially for the big runup to the thanksgiving holiday. a lot of you will hit the road tuesday and wednesday. enjoy that and have a wonderful friday and let's send it over to scott smith to see what's up with the skins. this is the verizon sports desk with scott smith. >> good evening. i'm scott smith. unfortunately the redskins don't exactly strike fear in the heart of opposing quarterbacks, even the rookies.
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in fact, it's quite the opposite. the skins have lost to the last eight rookie qbs dating back to 2005. they have a chance to do something about it sun against another fresh face, the eagles nick foles. the burgundy and gold has a new approach back from the bye week. they are looking at the last seven games almost like a new season. now philly while struggling is still stacked with talent which ought to concern the skins' defense, but what does barry cofield think is the biggest concern? >> the big play. if you let him hit a big play, quick strike and score that touchdown, they can kill you. if you force them to snap it again and give them a chance to make mistakes in the red zone, that's something we have to capitalize on. >> their offense will not change. it's going to come out high tempo and fry to move the ball up and -- try to move the ball up and down the field, run a bunch of different things at you early.
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you got to be able to withstand the onslaught early and settle into what they do and what we do. virginia now has to win its final two games to win a bowl bid that. includes tonight's opponent north carolina, the cavaliers finding themselves in an early 14-3 deficit. trying to crawl out of it is phillip sims getting heat, rolls out of the pocket, keens the play alive, a dangerous -- keeps the play alive, a dangerous throw across the feel, but hey, it worked out. 14-10. before the half pass over the middle of the field picked off by the tar heels tray boston. boston sees daylight. he's coming nearside and returns it 30 sick yards. 20-10 virginia deficit. 4th -- 36 yards. 20-10 virginia deficit. no bowl game this year for virginia. they fall to 4-7. they're at virginia tech next week. speaking of those hokies
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they are on the hardwood taking on virginia military institute. we have highlights right around the corner. p risis
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welcome back. last year they were one of the lowest scoring teams in the acc, but virginia tech basketball with new head coach james johnson are trying to put a new stamp on the hokies this year, a fast pace up tempo offense. it seems to be working so far. hosting virginia military institute tonight in blacksburg, senior guard eric green, spins through traffic, had 23 point tonight, 1,000 points on his career, the 43rd
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hokie in the 1,000 point club. out to a big 1st half, one of three three's for jerel eddie. he had 17. hokies three-on-one off the steal here. it's joey van zeger. he gets the highlight flush. virginia tech scored 80 points just three times last year. tonight they posted 95. fighting for a bucket inside, gets the hoop and 95-80 the final. next up unc greensboro monday. american taking on mount st. mary's tonight, jeff jones squad home opener, steven lumpkins getting the home crowd off their seats, the two-handed rip, eagles up 51-50. the final 20 seconds, josh castellano ties it with a floater and down to the wire. 's up two trying to hang on. the mountaineers cough it up and daniel munoz recovers. american hangs on for the 52-67
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win. eagles square off with san francisco out of the west coast conference monday. and the wizards waived point guard jannero pargo and picked up shawn livingston and miguel cabrera and buster posey the two mvps this year. brian is back right after this to wrap up the en. -- the olympic. the-- the edge. where others fail, droid powers through. introducing the new droid razr maxx hd by motorola. now more than ever droid does.
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now you have the news edge. of course, the news is always on thanks for staying up late. have a great night.
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see you tomorrow.   >> fox 5 news isn't over. go to now for news, weather and entertainment updates. fox 5 news is washington's best news on air and online at brought to you by verizon 4g lte.

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